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   1.Use a 14 gallon dark plastic Rubbermaid-type tote.  Drill 8-12 holes in the bottom for drainage, each
      hole approximately 1/2 inch in diameter.
   2.Drill many, many tiny holes in lid for air, each approximately pencil point size in diameter.
   3.Put 6 inches of bedding into tote, made from one or more of the following: 
          black and white shredded newspaper;
          coconut fibre (also called
   4.Bedding must be moist but not sopping wet.  It should be the consistency of a wrung-out sponge,
      so that  when you squeeze it together it is wet enough to stick but not wet enough to drip.
   5.Elevate your worm bin off the ground to drain and collect the liquid that will form.  To do this either:
          raise your bin on bricks or blocks and slide a dish pan or smaller tote under it; or
          Get a bigger, 18 gallon size tote. 
          Drill a 1 1/2 inch hole at the bottom of a tote side. 
          Roll up a plastic bag and place it in that hole as a plug. 
          Place your 14 gallon worm bin into the 18 gallon tote.  This will leave space in the bottom tote for
          elevation and drainage. 
          Remove plastic bag from the 1 1/
2 inch hole to drain the liquid.
   6.  This liquid is called
worm tea.  Your worm tea and worm compost, (called worm castings, or vermicompost), are loaded with beneficial organic nutrients for your plants.  Plants grown with vermicompost and watered with diluted worm tea tend to grow much faster, healthier, and are more productive, with excellent natural immunity to plant pests and diseases.  Such plants do not require synthetic fertilizers, chemicals, nor pesticides. Enjoy!

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